Artistic Link Bait

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Anyone familiar with (white hat) SEO tactics has heard the term “link bait.” Essentially, it’s putting great content on the web in an effort to entice other webmasters to link to it. The beauty of link bait is that it actually helps people find the kind of content they’re looking for.

When I do link bait for a client, it usually involves pictures. For instance, these pictures of Haleakala National Park are a big draw for my Maui bed and breakfast client. Sometimes, it’s sound files, like with our Simpsons sounds site (which also includes Simpsons posters and Simpsons wallpaper).

My latest link bait comes from my latest client, the Hale Kilo I’a (house where you watch fish), a Kauai vacation rental beach house in Hawaii. The former owner of the house, Tambi Larsen, was an Academy Award winning art director who was also an artist. While living on Kauai, he drew over a hundred pictures of Kauai, which are being arranged into a book by the Kauai Historical Society. A few of these pictures are available for viewing (and linking to) at the web site for the Hale Kilo I’a.

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