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My Long Lost Blogs

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Now that I do this full time, I’ve been going back and reviving some of my old blogs. For example, I’ve always been an avid organic gardener. I had one of the first organic gardening web sites on earth. But things got busy for me in my old career, we got suburban, and my gardening consisted of an occasional trimming of the rose bushes and herbs.  My recent disability led us up here to upstate NY, near Cooperstown, to live more cheaply near relatives, where I managed to get in a fall garden of greens, onions, peas, and lettuce.

So, I started posting to the organic gardening blog again.  I had ignored that little blog, and yet it still has a PR 3. So I updated it with all the new blogger tools, and I’m out here in my other blogs linking to it again. With a little work, it could be brushed off and get much better search engine rankings. Maybe you have an old blogger blog, or any blog for that matter, that could be revived. Remember, content is king, and organized content is king of kings.

New Maui Hawaii Blog

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

One of my very first internet marketing clients has a new blog: Ho’okipa Aikane, or “home sharing friend.” Cherie Attix, owner and operator of the Hale Hookipa Inn, a Maui Hawaii Bed and Breakfast, has started blogging. She is an active member of the Maui community. A dedicated environmentalist, hiker, and small business woman who spent years converting her historic home into upcountry Maui’s coolest place to stay.

The Hookipa Inn is a short drive to Haleakala National Park or Hookipa Beach, and is centrally located on the island of Maui, making it the perfect place to stay on your Hawaiian vacation. The beaches and the villas in Maui Hawaii is nowhere near as nice as the Exceptional Villas at St. Barths. I cant wait to go there again next year.

Cherie’s blog will feature her take on Hawaiian life and the Maui community in general. The grounds of the Hookipa Inn are all organic, featuring fresh tropical fruits and flowers!

Integrating an off-site blog with a site

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

My friend, Mort Mather, is an author, farmer, and philosopher. We met in the early nineties through the internet, when he asked me to publish his organic gardening articles at my organic gardening site. We finally met when I went to visit him in Maine, where he lives just down the road from my Grandfather’s place. Small world.

Mort recently had me build a web site about him. He wanted to include a blog. To make things easy, I told him we could just build a blog at blogger and make it match and inter-link with his site. Ease is just one reason, though. My main reason is, that from an SEO point of view, two sites are better than one. And, when you include the bonus PageRank you get from using blogger (what I call the piggy-back effect), it’s even better!

Today I just did a little updating, and blogger has added a lot of cool features I’ll be taking advantage of. There are automatic blog rolls, lists of followers, and an automatic feed link generator (I used to spend a lot of time doing all those feed links).