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Now that I do this full time, I’ve been going back and reviving some of my old blogs. For example, I’ve always been an avid organic gardener. I had one of the first organic gardening web sites on earth. But things got busy for me in my old career, we got suburban, and my gardening consisted of an occasional trimming of the rose bushes and herbs.  My recent disability led us up here to upstate NY, near Cooperstown, to live more cheaply near relatives, where I managed to get in a fall garden of greens, onions, peas, and lettuce.

So, I started posting to the organic gardening blog again.  I had ignored that little blog, and yet it still has a PR 3. So I updated it with all the new blogger tools, and I’m out here in my other blogs linking to it again. With a little work, it could be brushed off and get much better search engine rankings. Maybe you have an old blogger blog, or any blog for that matter, that could be revived. Remember, content is king, and organized content is king of kings.

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