Artistic Link Bait

December 17th, 2007

Anyone familiar with (white hat) SEO tactics has heard the term “link bait.” Essentially, it’s putting great content on the web in an effort to entice other webmasters to link to it. The beauty of link bait is that it actually helps people find the kind of content they’re looking for.

When I do link bait for a client, it usually involves pictures. For instance, these pictures of Haleakala National Park are a big draw for my Maui bed and breakfast client. Sometimes, it’s sound files, like with our Simpsons sounds site (which also includes Simpsons posters and Simpsons wallpaper).

My latest link bait comes from my latest client, the Hale Kilo I’a (house where you watch fish), a Kauai vacation rental beach house in Hawaii. The former owner of the house, Tambi Larsen, was an Academy Award winning art director who was also an artist. While living on Kauai, he drew over a hundred pictures of Kauai, which are being arranged into a book by the Kauai Historical Society. A few of these pictures are available for viewing (and linking to) at the web site for the Hale Kilo I’a.

The Power of Digging a Hawaii Beach Accommodation

September 13th, 2007

I’m a bit of a late-comer to Digg. But I’m sold on the power of Digg to place pages in the top ten. While it’s not quite Wikipedia, mainly because it just compiles news and blog entries, rather than creating original content, it does have the potential to fill in cracks for small SEO guys like me who can’t compete with the big guys without help from, well, the big guys.Hawaii beach accommodation Kauai vacation rental house

When I finish a project, as I recently did on this Hawaii beach accommodation, I blog about it. The first place I usually blog is my personal blog, Backstage with Supak. After I blogged about the Hale Kilo I’a Kauai Beach House, I “dug” the blog post. That created a page entitled, “Digg – Hawaii beach accommodation” which now comes in 5th on a search for Hawaii beach accommodation.

Amazing. This little Digg page, with no Page Rank – a brand new page with no incoming links other than from within Digg itself, is ranking 5th, right between two PR5 sites from some big time names in Hawaii accommodations.

Now that’s the power of having a blog. Especially one that’s been around for a while, like mine. This shows that what you link to is often as important as what you get linked from. At least I think that’s what it means…

New Inter-island project should help all clients

September 1st, 2007

Now, thanks to a new client who has a Hawaii beach accommodation on the northshore of Kauai, I will be linking my Maui clients with this Kauai client, and vice-versa. This kind of like-minded cross-linking is exactly what these clients need. While they are not in direct competition with each other, because they are on different Hawaiian Islands, they are all Hawaii sites, and especially Hawaii lodging sites.

These kind of opportunities give me a chance to see how these like minded links actually help. Nothing is more valuable. And then, when Hawaii Search gets back to accepting submissions, I’ll get to see the impact that that link has. This kind of one link at a time method for assessing the impact of individual links is a slow process, and worth the effort.

Search Engine Marketing Basics

April 6th, 2007

Instead of making it just a post, I decided to make search engine marketing basics its own page. So, for a breakdown of the most important things for a successfully marketed web site, check out the Search Engine Marketing Basics page. You’ll find that you need a good looking site that’s well written using the important words you want to win for. You’ll find that you need content — lots of it. You’ll also find that your site needs to be written in code that search engines like, and it needs to be popular. You need links from all over the web pointing to your site, hopefully from high ranking sites.

WTF? My Old SEO Blog Was Wiped!

April 6th, 2007

So, I used to have a whole bunch of posts here about search engine optimization. All kinds of free tips, advice, and various other things you can do to get higher search engine ranks for your web site.

And, whoosh! Gone. No warning email. Damn. All that work. Guess I’ll be doing a post on how to back up a blog…. Comments welcome on that one.

In the mean time, now that I’ve got this URL back in action, I’ll try to remember some of the topics I covered in the old blog, and slowly repost them all.