Search Engine Marketing Basics

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Marketing your goods or services through the web can be a complete waste of time. How many sites have you stumbled upon that look like crap, have a Google PageRank of 2 or less, have features that don’t work, images that are broken, links that lead to no where… Even when a site like that manages to somehow win a search ranking, nobody would buy anything from a site like that.

So, the first step to search engine marketing is to have a professional looking site that people feel comfortable shopping on. We took an old beat-up site and made it search engine and shopper friendly. They produce drug abuse treatment and education videos, and their improved site has helped their sales immensely.

Making your site look good to shoppers is one important step. Making your site attractive to search engines is huge. Search engines don’t like bad code, or code that doesn’t validate. They don’t like question marks in URLs. They don’t like frames. They don’t like a lot of things, and knowing what those are and avoiding them will make the difference in whether the search engines even pay attention to your site, much less rank them highly.

Once you’ve gotten the search engines attention, you have to earn their respect. For this, you need content. Single page, or brochure sites, just don’t cut it anymore. You need to say something about yourself, your product, your service, or your industry.  You need pictures, videos, sound clips or music, and words. Lots of words. The words need to be related to the keywords you’re trying to win searches for.  I encourage every client I have to write more about their business. I especially encourage them to post four or five paragraphs to a blog every week. Over time, this kind of commitment creates a lot of content, and content is still King.

Finally, you need to prove to the search engines that your site is well liked. Popular sites have links to them. Lots of links from quality sites. This is key, especially to Google. And this is where I can really help. With my network of quality sites, I can provide many quality links to your site. This is a great way to start your site, and I can continue building links to your site from my various sites and my other client’s sites as long as you’re in my program to help small business sites get higher search engine ranks.

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  1. […] Instead of making it just a post, I decided to make search engine marketing basics its own page. So, for a breakdown of the most important things for a successfully marketed web site, check out the Search Engine Marketing Basics page. You’ll find that you need a good looking site that’s well written using the important words you want to win for. You’ll find that you need content — lots of it. You’ll also find that your site needs to be written in code that search engines like, and it needs to be popular. You need links from all over the web pointing to your site, hopefully from high ranking sites. […]

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