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When a New Blog Has Lots of Old Content

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I used to get higher search engine ranks for an organic coffee farmer in Kona, Hawaii. He sold the sustainable Kona coffee farm, and now, after two years of work, the new owner has hired me to handle the internet marketing for his web sites, and to help him sell his organic Kona gourmet coffee beans. When I heard the story of how they rehabilitated the farm south of Kona on the big island of Hawaii, I thought, wow, what a great blog that would make.

Turns out they kept a journal of the entire sustainable organic farm rejuvenation process, and now it is a blog. Mike uploaded his story onto the Blogger platform, and it looks pretty good. I’ve been debating how much I want to customize, as Mike’s the kind of guy who might want to tinker with the site someday, so I’ve left it in the out-of-the-box Blogger wrapper. What I’m most interested in is seeing how the Google Bot likes all that new content!