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Internet Marketing Starts with Higher Search Engine Ranks

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Internet Marketing is the blanket term for promoting your business through the internet. The first place to start your adventure in marketing your business through the web is to get higher search engine rankings for the search terms people actually use to search for you. Often called search engine optimization, or SEO, designing your site right is one of the key determining factors on how highly it ranks. You can read up on Telegenic Marketing.

When I perform SEO for a site, I begin by researching the keywords used to search for your business. Using databases from many different search engines (but always concentrating on Google, which gets approximately 60% of all searches), I determine which are the best words to attempt to get higher rankings for based on how much those terms are searched for, balanced by the amount of competition for the term. Keyword decisions are extremely important, as going for terms that are extremely popular is extremely hard, and going for really easy terms won’t get much traffic.

Once we have the keywords figured out, I include them in the web site copy, which usually has to be rewritten to include the phrases in the right places and density. During this part of the process, if your budget allows it, I try to increase the functionality, navigation, and salesmanship of the site. What good is getting a lot of traffic if your site doesn’t convert those eyeballs into customers?

Finally, high search engine rankings come from authoritative links to your site from other sites. I control a lot of valuable “real estate” on the web. I write a lot of blog posts on multiple blogs, covering many subjects. I use social networking and social bookmark sites to drive traffic to my client’s sites. All of this exposure, and linking, increases the ranking of your site, because ultimately, two things matter most. The content of your site, and the links to it.

Search engine traffic is often just a small part of over-all traffic patterns, especially for more established sites. The longer your site is around, with me working on it on a monthly basis, the better the quality and quantity of links leading to your site. Eventually, those links will provide referral traffic to your site, and people will begin booking marking you, linking to your content from their pages, subscribing to your blogs, and generally helping you spread the word.

Contact me – – for more information about how I can work with you to tailor an internet marketing plan for your business that works within your budget, and pays for itself as it goes. For more information on internet marketing and higher search engine ranks, visit Bald Mt. Press.

My Long Lost Blogs

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Now that I do this full time, I’ve been going back and reviving some of my old blogs. For example, I’ve always been an avid organic gardener. I had one of the first organic gardening web sites on earth. But things got busy for me in my old career, we got suburban, and my gardening consisted of an occasional trimming of the rose bushes and herbs.  My recent disability led us up here to upstate NY, near Cooperstown, to live more cheaply near relatives, where I managed to get in a fall garden of greens, onions, peas, and lettuce.

So, I started posting to the organic gardening blog again.  I had ignored that little blog, and yet it still has a PR 3. So I updated it with all the new blogger tools, and I’m out here in my other blogs linking to it again. With a little work, it could be brushed off and get much better search engine rankings. Maybe you have an old blogger blog, or any blog for that matter, that could be revived. Remember, content is king, and organized content is king of kings.