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Guest Bloggers Create Free Content for a Link

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Occasionally I’m contacted by someone with an article they’d like to publish, which I’m always happy to do, especially when it’s something green that can help save the planet (win valuable prizes!). So, when a reader sent this great article on grey water systems and how they can work for organic gardeners, I was more than happy to put it on the organic gardening blog!

If you have a web site and you’re looking to get some outside links to it, one of the best ways would be to write for other people, like in this case. I got the content I need for my blog, and Kelly got a link to her web site from a content rich, authoritative site. It’s win-win!

So, start writing. Find blogs and web sites where you’d like you article to appear, where having a link back would be beneficial to your site. And get out there and give it away!